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There is nothing more personal than choosing a piece of art that you will live with for many years to come. Your purchase is both a financial and an emotional investment. What we buy says a lot about what we value and who we are. Here are some guidelines that I’ve developed that have helped many of my patrons make that important decision.

“How long did that take you to paint?”

When people ask this question, they really want to understand if the art they like is worth the price I am asking for it. The cost of a piece of art is often very subjective, and this drives people crazy. To deal with all the variables many artists have a set price per square inch, and if you think about it, you’re paying as much for the detailed parts of a painting as you are for solid space. This doesn’t work for me, so I’ve come up with:

Depending on size, oil paintings are the most time consuming. Then acrylics; then watercolors; then ceramics; then pastels.

I buy only the very best material and use only the top framers. Then, I do what you should do. I see what similar work goes for on the open market. If I work in a series, I will price the best of that series slightly higher than the rest, and they always sell first.

I recommend that you take both your first and second choice to your home or office. See them in your environment. Live with the work for a couple of days, and then decide. If you don’t want the art, this is not a problem. Your friendship is always more important than a sale.

If you love the piece, we can arrange a payment plan. If you can’t afford the original, please ask if we can make a reproduction for you.

Work can be reframed and fit well into any new décor. My work has a proven demand and can often be sold through a broker who handles "secondary" sales.

It has so far, but I am more concerned that people buy what they love. If you are a very serious collector, I would recommend that you buy with the assistance of a museum curator.

I hope this has helped you to feel more comfortable with the process of purchasing art.

I welcome your questions, so please contact me !



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