Appel directs the viewer to explore new levels of provocation and psychological innuendo. Landscape becomes a metaphor for our own inner journey.


Genie Appel's figurative collection delves into feelings of isolation and alienation, while also exploring themes having to do with spirituality and connection.


Your decision to have Genie paint a portrait or other specific work, is a partnership between both the client and the artist. The result will be a very personal work of art that you will not only treasure, but it will become a piece of your family's history.


Sensuality is explored in this still life watercolor series using fruits and vegetables as metaphor for relationships. Appel lushly interprets loving repartee.


Continuing her exploration into the emotive qualities of landscape and figurative art, Appel redefines color and textural relationships.



© Genie Appel 2002 - 2017

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