While many students love to draw, the idea of mixing colors, blending and layering can be intimidating. Using colored pencil is a bridge to painting and also stands alone as a beautiful form of art that is accessible to everyone.

Testimonials —

"I've dabbled in many artistic pursuits and decided to give "colored pencils" a chance. I learned it is much more than childish coloring. it is subtle blending, popping of colors, intensifying the hues. I'm more than pleased with the results and hope to learn more." — Joyce Finn, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"Just wanted to thank you for that great colored pencil class. It was both fun and informative and you were so good at keeping everyone involved! Plus I loved that I got to take home a finished piece after only 1 class ! Can't wait for the next workshop!" — Fran Moxie, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


The human need to mask reveals a desire to take on other identities, to transcend earthly limitations, be renewed and protected. "Masks are a tool for creative self-realization," explains artist and workshop leader, Genie Appel. "Making them helps to recognize and affirm our inner spirit, true selves and our life journey." Masks are outrageous fun, and participants are thrilled with the results. If you're interested in taking a mask workshop, e-mail me, and I'll let you know about the next one in your area.

Testimonials —

"I would personally recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to explore different parts of their personality. I created a beautiful spirit-guide mask that I absolutely love!" — C. Slingbaum, Miami, Florida

"Genie explains everything, every step of the way. Her demonstrations made working with these materials easy!" — L. Kram, Miami, Florida

"This was a great workshop, different than anything I ever tried! Genie is a natural teacher!" — C. Montifiore, Boca Raton, Florida


The creation of mandala circles can be an intense, spiritual experience. Participants are taken through a directed meditation so that they can tap into the deepest facets of the psyche to unleash and give full rein to creative potential.

Testimonials —

"Like many artists, I sometimes feel that I worry too much about the final outcome of my artwork rather than have fun with the process. Genie's workshop helped me to have more freedom to express myself."



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